Thursday, May 23, 2013

Plexus excitment on my Plexus Journey!!

The final convention credits have been posted and I am excited. The convention is 2 weeks away.
It is at the Hilton in New Orleans, Louisiana. Plexus ambassadors from all over the world will be there. New friendships will be made, testimonies shared and all will be encouraged to reach for new goals in their Plexus business as we all continue on our Plexus Journey.
At my first convention in 2012, I attended I was still unsure if Plexus was for me.Then I heard Sara Marble's testimony. She really challenged and encouraged me. My first thought was if she can do it, I can too!
Well, I am doing it too. My Plexus business is growing, new ambassadors joining weekly and I am enjoying every minute of it. I love being able to train a new ambassador and watch as their business grows.
I know if they succeed, it brings new excitement and then they in turn want to help others.
As people share their health testimony and success with the Plexus products, I can't help but smile knowing in some small way I have been able to help them on their weight loss journey or relief from chronic pain.
What's even more exciting is to share Plexus with customers. People who call and are frustrated with their health and have tried several other methods of losing weight. When I spend time on the phone or meet them to discuss Plexus, I have made a new friend. Then in a few weeks the call or email comes to share their success. They are happy and in most cases the happiness trickles down with the kids who now have mom or dad a little healthier, energetic and a new found passion for life.
I guess you could call it the "Zip in their Step."
Plexus has surely put the "Zip in my Step!" So I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you at the convention as we continue our Plexus Journey.....


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  3. heard about Plexus in June 2013 from both a friend and my gynecologist in the same week. I came home and signed up to buy it wholesale because I knew I had a ton of weight to lose and wanted to purchase it as economically as possible.